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If your life is not reflecting who God designed you to be, you need to revise it. Let’s create the steps to living that life. I’m dedicated to helping you find clarity in your life. A blend of pastoral care, mentoring and soul care will guide you on a journey to discover complete and comprehensive life changing results.

Life Coaching

Spiritual care recognizes and responds to the needs of the human spirit when faced with trauma, ill health or sadness. It can include the need for meaning, for self worth, to express oneself, faith support, perhaps rites or prayer or sacrament or simply for a sensitive listener.

Throughout my career, I’ve invested my life in building positive relationships with people. Whether as spiritual care provider at a children’s residential treatment facility providing life guidance and spiritual care for clients/staff or serving at a local church, I bring over 15 years experience in helping people begin their healing journey. I’m all about helping people of all walks of life seize their full potential and ignite their spark through coaching, spiritual care and inspirational speaking.

Together, I can help you achieve fulfillment, by leading you to build a connection with a deeper spiritual self that leads to transformation and wholeness.

Let’s revise your life!

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Ehmandah Ramsey

Ehmandah Ramsey is a driven, passionate coach known as the Life Coach. She is the founder of She Stories and host of Hey Suga Podcast. Ehmandah had the most unique opportunity to be the spiritual care provider for a residential treatment facility serving youth. The treatment facility provided services for youth with severe trauma, behavioral issues and conduct disorders. While caring for the youth, Ehmandah also provided spiritual care and life guidance to the direct care staff and executive team. Spiritual Care seeks to help people rediscover hope, resilience and inner strength in times of transition and crisis. Ehmandah developed an amazing spiritual care program that helped many on their healing journey, provided care and support in times of crisis.

Transitioning from her position at the facility, Ehmandah launched her coaching services to the community. Today, Ehmandah helps people of all walks of life, ignite their spark and seize their full potential. Ehmandah helps people achieve fulfillment, by leading them to build a connection with a deeper spiritual self that leads to wholeness, happiness and satisfaction. Everyone has the ability to revise the script they’re living by.  As the Life Revisionist, Ehmandah helps you evaluate your life.  If it doesn’t reflect the life you want to live, Ehmandah will walk with you hand in hand to discover your godly purpose, dreams, and goals that will help you find a sense of well-being in your mind, body, and spirit.

A little more about me: 

  • 15 years experience of providing life guidance
  • Former Chaplain at a Residential Treatment Facility specializing in trauma, behavioral disorders and mental illness
  • Spiritual & Corporate Care
  • Certified Bereavement Facilitator
  • Business Mentor 

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We reached out to Ehmandah and asked her to provide a workshop for our staff on empathy skills. Ehmandah worked with our leadership team prior to the workshop in order to understand the dynamics and needs of our organization. Her attentiveness and listening skills were a great model for our team. The workshop itself was interactive, fun, and realistic. Ehmandah challenged us and helped us become better listeners and more empathetic to each other and the populations we serve. We are grateful for the workshop with Ehmandah and are looking forward to collaborating again in the future.

– Nichol Whiteman, Chief Executive Officer, Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation

Ehmandah previously provided spiritual care, counseling and resource referral for boys in a residential treatment center, where she served as the chaplain. Most of the clients she worked with were foster youth or probation youth that faced many serious emotional and behavioral challenges. Ehmandah’s greatest strength was her ability to listen to clients and offer care, all the while affirming their challenges. Clients gravitated to her ability to listen, validate, and counsel them. Ehmandah has provided care to a variety of clients from different backgrounds and treated each client with dignity and value.

– James H. Lopez III, MSW

There are times in life when you meet people that will impact your life forever. Pastor Ehmandah is one of those persons. I have watched her minister to hurting and grieving people firsthand, and her level of care and sensitivity makes it evident that the role of chaplain is a wonderful fit for her. Not only would I recommend her to my clients who are experiencing grief and loss issues, I would be very comfortable with allowing her to minister to my family and close friends.

– Dr. Gloria Morrow, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Ehmandah naturally became my spiritual and life mentor. She has always been willing to listen, share her skills in music and ministry, and provide a positive perspective for my most challenging life experiences. Her wisdom and spiritual guidance has been instrumental in my growth and maturity as a young woman. My relationship with Ehmandah has always been a source of support, growth, and strength. I am not afraid to be vulnerable with her, because I know that I can trust her completely and that I can lean on her at times when I don’t have enough strength to encourage myself. When I am at my lowest, I know that she is a phone call or text away, ready to listen to me, and more importantly, pray for and with me.
Ehmandah challenges me and holds me accountable, encourages me to step out in faith and wisdom, and reminds me that I am strong, capable, and beautiful when I need it most. I am grateful for the woman God made Ehmandah to be, and I can’t imagine walking through life without her.

– B. Mendoza

Ehmandah Ramsey is one of the most influential people that has entered into my life as she was there during times where I began to stop believing in myself. One thing I found the most comforting about Ehmandah was that she was a genuine caring individual. Through her singing, understanding of spirituality, and her ability to communicate life struggles, she helped many achieve things that were thought to be impossible. For me, her impact on my life was exponential. When it comes to the pure experiences of life and the ability to connect a person with their spirit, Ehmandah can and will do all it takes.

– Al Douglas


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